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Born in Riga. Inspired by the city’s elegance and its historical strength. Jeans with their own characteristics and attitude. LL Jeans is designed to visually make your body look slimmer and sexier. These jeans are handmade in Latvia and tailored for each customer's specific body parameters, so that they will fit, function and look perfectly. LL Jeans can be ordered online. Each pair of jeans is unique and with author's signature on a silk tag.


Just like Riga will never be ready (Latvian legend), the creative process of LL JEANS doesn't end in the hands of tailor, when he finishes them or neither when the autograph is written on. We give these jeans into your hands and it continues - with many years of wearing every pair of your jeans will get more unique and more personal look. Wear them anywhere and remember that each new scratch makes the jeans more valuable, so don't be afraid of falls, just stay strong to get up again and keep going! :)



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